Convert Innovation and Creativity into wealth


Convert Innovation and Creativity into wealth

Cloudbreak Consulting

We are a niche firm combining expertise and flexibility to better respond to the challenges organizations face in developed, emerging and frontier markets. Cloudbreak activities are organized in two main work streams, Innovation & Intangible Assets management, and International Development.

The first work stream is the focus of the present website, while the second will be developed in a different website accessible via, to avoid any confusion.

A team of freelance consultants and counselors support our operations. Cloudbreak has an office in Paris and Nairobi, close business contacts in Tokyo, London, Rio and Boston and a comprehensive global network of compeers.

How We Work

Commonly speaking we are consultants, meaning that we are providing acumen to people cleverer than us but that need either an external view on the issue they face, or have no problem to solve but a budget to spend.

In both cases, we believe in the added value of our responses specifically developed in collaboration with our clients to help them bridge the gap between aspirations and operational capacity.

Bottom line, we know that in most of the cases our clients could solve their issues without outside help and that our expertise has to be embedded in soft skills to offer the best service.

Expertise, humility, integrity, curiosity, humor and creativity are the main personal values of our consultants; ethic, tangible results, customer tailored service, and social impact are our collective values.

That said like most consultants we prepare briefs, memo, slides, reports and other deliverables; we have meetings, calls, videoconferences and progress reviews; we give ballpark numbers and takeaway; we have scope, POA, work stream and granular analysis…






Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Intangible

- Due Diligence and Opinions

- IPRs Portfolio management

- Licensing and other Transaction

- Intangible Valuation

- Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

- IPRs Modularity 

- Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy 

- Competition and Trade Regulation 

- Intangible Assets Mapping and Mining

- Open Innovation

Non-Consulting activities

- Training, Workshop and Conference

- Dispute Resolution & Mediation

- Contract assessment and Negotiation

Policy Design & Implementation

- Indicator Based Advisory 

- Technical Assistance






Intellectual Property Rights                    Non-IP Intangibles Assets

- Copyright and Related Rights

- Trademarks and other Distinctive Signs

- Patent and Technical Knowledge

- Designs and Models

Unfair Competition

- Traditional Knowledge

Contracts and Agreements

Customer Relationship & Human Resources

- Open Innovation

- Property use rights

Knowledge-based Intangible


Intangible management                           Intangibles Economics

- Innovation Management

- Identification of Intangibles

- Valuation of Intangibles

- Exploitation of Intangibles

- Protection of Intangibles

- IPRs for Development

- Open Innovation

- IPRs and Economic Growth

- Innovation policy