Convert Innovation and Creativity into wealth


Convert Innovation and Creativity into wealth

Your Sub-Saharan Africa Legal Partner 

Cloudbreak combines expertise and flexibility to better respond to the challenges you face in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cloudbreak activities are organized around legal, policy & regulatory advices. .

Cloudbreak common denominator is the Africa region with a reach on West, Central, East and Southern Africa. Over the years we have helped organizations to invest on the continent, helped businesses to cross the boarders to access new markets within the continent and beyond, and helped agencies or governments to strengthen their investment policies and regulatory framework.

Cloudbreak has an office in Paris and Nairobi and close contacts with like-minded professionals in Africa and around the globe.

How We Work

Commonly speaking we are Legal and regulatory experts, meaning that we are providing acumen to people cleverer than us but in need of an external view on the issue they face.

In any cases, we believe in the added value of our responses specifically developed in collaboration with our clients to help them bridge the gap between aspirations and realization.

Expertise, humility, integrity, curiosity, humor and creativity are the main personal values; ethic, results, tailored service, and impact are our collective values.

That said like most consultants we prepare briefs, memo, slides, reports and other deliverables; we have meetings, calls, videoconferences and progress reviews; we give ballpark numbers and takeaway; we have scope, POA, work stream and granular analysis… and like all lawyers we look at risks and allocate, by-pass or minimize them.







CloudBreak has a vocation to offer directly or via its network of experts and partners the full service any organization may expect from an operational standpoint. You define the game and we streamline the rules:

- Direct/Indirect Tax                                                         - Economic Law (Competition, Distribution...)

- Corporate and M&A                                                       - Privacy, Technology, Media and Telecommunication

- Human Capital/Labour                                                   - Dispute Resolution

- Public Sector and Procurement                                      - Sectorial Expertises (Bank, Retail, Energy...)

Intellectual Property Rights and Intangible ASSETS

The original activity of Cloudbreak at the onset has been around innovation and intangibles assets management. To this day, such expertise has remained a key component of our activity:

- Due Diligence and Opinions

- IPRs Portfolio management

- Licensing and other Transaction

- Intangible Valuation

- Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

- IPRs Modularity 

- Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy 

- Competition and Trade Regulation 

- Intangible Assets Mapping and Mining

- Open Innovation


At the crossroad of legal advice and economic growth we have developed a specific regulatory and public policy advisory expertise:

- Regulatory Impact Analysis                                                 - Investment Climate reforms

- Regulatory and Regulator Mapping                                     - RegTech and Digital Transformation

-  Dealing with Regulators & Local Government                    - Capacity Building

OTHER activities

- Training, Workshop and Conference

- Legal Project Management

- Indicator Based Advisory 

- Technical Assistance






Good experts are legions, the real gap is not in competence but in timely availability to your needs. If we do not have the answer to one of your question, we do know one specialist that has it and another one that can uphold it.

CloudBreak is a flexible structure channeling the expertise and capacity of skilled professionals and the reach of major partner organizations on the continent. Name any country in SSA and we will provide the topical and geographical experts you need to move smoothly forward.  

CloudBreak respects the laws of each and every countries it operates in and, when applicable, we do include a professional duly licensed to provide her services in the particular jurisdiction.